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Best Prices on Mulch in Central PA!

Camp Hill Forest Products in Mechanicsburg, PA, offers a wide selection of landscaping mulches in many colors and types.

We also deliver mulch. Mulch delivery has never been easier.

From bagged to bulk delivery, we have the best mulches in Central PA.

Jessie T.
Jessie T.
Camp Hill, PA
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The mulch was the best we ever saw. It was very rich and fresh, and had a nice deep brown color. They delivered our mulch on time and the price was really good. We are very happy and will definitely be using them again.
Kathryn P.
Kathryn P.
Enola, PA
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My husband decided we needed to replace the mulch around our house. We called around and found Camp Hill Forest Products to have the best price, so we had a truckload delivered. Wow what a pleasant experience.
Chen Y.
Chen Y.
Dillsburg, PA
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I am very picky about my landscaping. I visited the store so I could see the mulch before buying it. It was such nice mulch and had no debris in it. Very clean mulch. Such wonderful people at the store. They have a customer for life.

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Dyed Black • Dyed Brown • Natural Brown • Dyed Red • Playground Mulch

Wood Chip • Natural Bark • And Many Other Types

Mulch delivery has never been easier, or more affordable

We offer mulch delivery across all of Central Pennsylvania. Our mulch is made at our Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, location, and we have been told by landscapers it is the best they have ever seen. We have a variety of colors and types and can supply specialized types of mulches as well. We sell in any quantity, from bagged mulch to bulk mulch.

Our dyed black, dyed brown, natural brown, dyed red, and playground mulches are always in stock and ready for purchase. We invite you to stop by our store and take a look, grab a handful and see the difference.

Mulch Calculator will calculate how much mulch is needed for an area

How much mulch do I need?

Use our online mulch calculator to figure out how much mulch you need to cover an area.

Our mulch is made locally in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Mulch is a layer of organic or inorganic material applied to the soil’s surface in landscaping and gardening projects. It serves various purposes, including weed suppression, moisture retention, temperature regulation, and soil erosion prevention. It can be made from various materials, including wood chips, bark, leaves, straw, gravel, and synthetic materials such as recycled rubber. 

One of the primary benefits of using it in landscaping is its ability to suppress weed growth. It creates a barrier between the soil and the sun, preventing weed seeds from germinating and growing. This can help reduce the amount of time and effort needed to maintain a garden or landscaping project and reduce the need for herbicides or other weed control methods.

Another benefit is its ability to retain moisture in the soil. It acts as a natural sponge, absorbing water and releasing it slowly into the soil. This can help to reduce water usage and prevent plants from becoming waterlogged during heavy rainfall. In addition, it can help to regulate soil temperature, keeping plants cool during hot weather and warm during cooler weather.

One of the biggest benefits to homeowners is the improvement to the aesthetic look and appeal of the property. It adds a stylish and elegant look to your outdoor spaces. It is one of the best ways to improve the look of your property. This is also a great way to add curb appeal to your home when trying to sell it. 

Several types are available, including organic and inorganic options. Organic types include materials such as wood chips, straw, and leaves, which break down over time and add nutrients to the soil. Inorganic types, such as decorative gravel or rubber, do not break down and can be used when a longer-lasting solution is needed. The type used will depend on the specific needs of the project, as well as the desired aesthetic and maintenance requirements.

It is an important component of landscaping and gardening projects, providing many benefits for plants and soil. By choosing the right type and applying it properly, homeowners and landscapers can help to create a healthy and thriving outdoor environment.

Camp Hill Forest Products processes it’s own organic mulches as well as offering more specialized types of wood mulches. If we don’t have it in stock, we can get any type you need quickly, and affordably.

A few common types wood mulches

  • Cedar Mulch: This is made from cedar trees and is known for its natural insect-repellent properties. It has a pleasant aroma and can help control soil moisture levels.

  • Pine Mulch: This is made from pine trees and is popular for landscaping projects. It is affordable and breaks down slowly, providing nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.

  • Hardwood Mulch: This is made from various hardwood trees, including oak and maple. It is a long-lasting, resists decomposition and helps to control weed growth.

  • Cypress Mulch: It is made from cypress trees and is known for its resistance to insects and decay. It has a distinctive color and texture and can help control soil moisture levels.

  • Redwood Mulch: This type is made from redwood trees and is known for its natural resistance to decay and insect damage. It has a rich color and can help to regulate soil temperature and moisture levels.

  • Hemlock Mulch: It is made from hemlock trees and is popular for landscaping projects. It has a natural reddish-brown color and breaks down slowly, providing nutrients to the soil.

What makes us the best choice for your next project?

Discover unparalleled quality with affordable pricing at Camp Hill Forest Products, your ultimate destination for top-tier landscaping materials. Our expertly curated selection is derived from the best sustainably managed forests, ensuring every product — from rich, nourishing mulches to elegant hardscape options — stands the test of time. Renowned for our dedication to customer satisfaction, we provide personalized service, expert advice, and competitive prices, making us the favorite among homeowners and landscaping professionals. 

Choose Camp Hill Forest Products for an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution to elevate your outdoor space. We make it easy. We make it affordable. Once you experience our customer service and quality materials, you will know why most of the area landscaping companies choose us as their primary supplier. Stop by our store in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and let us know about your next DIY outdoor project or space improvement. 

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