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Screened Topsoil and Fill Dirt

Best quality topsoil at the best prices in Central Pennsylvania

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Quality Screened Topsoil in Central PA!

Camp Hill Forest Products in Mechanicsburg, PA, offers a quality selection of screened topsoil and fill dirt. 

We also offer topsoil delivery to make it easy to get topsoil delivered to your home or business.

We sell the best screened topsoil and fill dirt in Central Pennsylvania. 

Lynn G,
Lynn G,
Dover, PA
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The topsoil they delivered was top-notch, honestly the best we've ever had. It was super rich, looked incredibly fresh, and had that perfect deep brown color we were looking for. They got it to us right on schedule, and the price? Absolutely reasonable. We're totally happy with it and will for sure be going back to them.
Craig S.
Craig S.
Carlisle, PA
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We needed to get a few truckloads of topsoil for our newly built home with the plans to seed it for our lawn. I wanted to make sure the topsoil was filtered and no rocks or junk. Camp Hill Forest Products had a great price and when I stopped by to see the topsoil, I was sold. Great quiality and a great price. Thanks guys!
LIz M.
LIz M.
Dillsburg, PA
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When I decided to put in a bunch of raised bed garden boxes, figured I would need some dirt to fill them, but I wanted a quality dirt to grow things. I called around and decided to use Camp Hill Forest Products. The price was good and the best part is the topsoil was very rich and nicely screened. Exactly what I needed for my garden boxes.

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Quality screened topsoil and fill dirt at the best prices in the area!

Topsoil delivery has never been easier, or more affordable

We offer fill dirt and bagged or bulk topsoil delivery across all of Central Pennsylvania. Our screened topsoil is made at our Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, location, and we have been told by landscapers it is the best they have ever seen.

We invite you to stop by our store and take a look, grab a handful and see the difference.

calculate how much topsoil is needed for a given area.

How much topsoil do I need?

Use our online topsoil calculator to figure out how much topsoil you need to cover an area.

What is topsoil and why is it needed?

Topsoil is critical in landscaping projects as it provides a rich and fertile growing medium for plants and vegetation. It is the uppermost layer of soil, typically consisting of organic matter, minerals, and other nutrients that are essential for plant growth. It is often dark in color and has a loose, crumbly texture, making it easy for roots to penetrate and absorb nutrients.

One of the primary benefits of topsoil is its ability to support healthy plant growth. The organic matter and nutrients provide essential elements for plants to thrive, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These nutrients are essential for plant growth and help to promote strong roots, healthy foliage, and vibrant blooms. In addition, it also helps to retain moisture, which is important for plants during periods of drought or high heat.

Another benefit is its ability to improve soil structure and quality. It helps to loosen compacted soil, improving drainage and aeration, which in turn helps to prevent soil erosion and nutrient loss. This can be particularly important in areas with heavy clay soils, which can be difficult for plants to grow. Adding topsoil can improve the soil structure, making it easier for plants to take root and grow.

In addition to supporting plant growth and improving soil quality, top soil can also enhance the aesthetic value of a landscaping project. The dark, rich color can provide a beautiful backdrop for plants and vegetation, creating a natural and inviting atmosphere. Topsoil can also be used to create garden beds or other landscaping features, adding texture and visual interest to outdoor spaces. Topsoil is essential in any landscaping project, providing the foundation for healthy and vibrant plant growth.

A few common types of topsoil

  • Garden Soil: This type is specifically formulated for use in gardening projects, typically consisting of a blend of sand, silt, and organic matter.

  • Screened Topsoil: This type  is sifted to remove rocks, sticks, and other debris, making it ideal for landscaping projects where a smooth surface is desired. Camp Hill Forest Products screens our own topsoil to ensure a quality product.

  • Sandy Loam: This type is a mixture of sand, silt, and clay, making it ideal for use in areas where drainage is a concern.

  • Compost: This organic type is made from decomposed plant matter, providing a rich source of nutrients and organic matter for plants.

  • Peat Topsoil: This is composed of partially decomposed sphagnum moss and is highly acidic, making it ideal for use in areas where acid-loving plants are grown.

  • Fill Dirt: This type of fill is used to fill holes, level ground, or build up areas where additional soil is needed. It typically contains a mixture of sand, silt, and clay, but may also contain rocks or other debris.

  • WHAT TYPE? The type used in a landscaping project will depend on the specific needs of the project and the type of vegetation that will be grown. Each type has its own unique characteristics and properties, making it important to choose the right type of topsoil for the job.

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