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Mulch Calculator - How much mulch do I need?


Mulch Calculator will calculate how much mulch is needed for an area

Using the Mulch Calculator

Input the length of your area in feet and the width of your area in feet. Add the desired depth of mulch. We suggest at least 3 inches of depth or more. Click the Calculate button. Our mulch calculator provides the amount needed in Cubic Feet, Cubic Yards, and Cubic Meters. When ordering bulk mulch delivery, you can reference one of those totals. 

Landscaping Mulch Calculator

How to calculate the amount of mulch needed for an area

estimate the amount of mulch needed for an area

You may need to plan out the areas by dividing them into rectangular sections for complex areas that are not simply rectangular in shape. The example on this page shows how a mulch bed has been divided into two sections. One section is a 5ft x 12ft space; the other is an 8ft x 6ft space. You can calculate the amount of mulch needed for each section using these two sections.

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