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Our Greenhouse


Greenhouse items for sale in Camp Hill, PA

Best Prices Trees, Plants, Bushes & More

Camp Hill Forest Products in Mechanicsburg, PA, offers a quality selection of trees, plants, flowers, bushes and decor items at our new greenhouse.

Looking for the perfect tree or bush? Perhaps flowers, succulents, or other decor items? We have it all.

Visit our greenhouse and take a look at our wide selection. Looking for something special? We can custom order exactly what you want.

What makes our greenhouse special?

The greenhouse at Camp Hill Forest Products sets itself apart with its unique offerings and a wide array of flora and greenery. It goes above and beyond the typical greenhouse, featuring an extensive selection of trees and bushes and a wide variety of plants and flowers. Our selection spans from the common to the exotic, catering to the casual yard enthusiast and the avid landscaper. Moreover, Camp Hill doesn’t stop at greenery. The greenhouse also carries diverse décor items, allowing customers to embellish their gardens with tasteful accents that mirror their personal style. Are you looking for the perfect bird bath to fit that backyard spot? We have it!

Once you stroll through our greenhouse, you will quickly find it your newest favorite place.

Looking for someone to help you with your landscaping and greenhouse choices? BSM Landscaping is our sister company and experts in everything landscaping related.

Just a few of the things you will find...

  • Plants: Many varieties of plants to fit your style. 
  • Trees: From saplings to larger trees, we have a great selection in stock.
  • Bushes: Offering privacy as they grow larger or offering a great look, we have many options.
  • Flowers: Vibrant, colorful choices await you at our greenhouse.
  • Succulents: These cute plants make any space a tranquil setting.
  • Plant Decor: Pottery, planters, and other items for your plants.
  • Yard Decor: From bird baths to statues and fountains, we have it all.
  • and much more

Why choose our greenhouse vs. one of the big retail shopping stores?

Freshness: The plants from a local green house are often fresher because they haven’t been transported long distances.

Quality: Local green houses tend to place a strong emphasis on quality. They often grow their plants with great care and attention, producing robust and healthy plants.

Variety: Local green houses may offer a greater variety of plants, including some plants that aren’t typically found at larger retailers.

Expertise: Local green house owners usually have in-depth knowledge about the plants they sell and can provide personalized advice for care and maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly: Buying from a local source is often more environmentally friendly because it reduces the distance the plants need to be transported, thereby reducing carbon emissions. 

Community Connection: Purchasing from local businesses helps build stronger communities by establishing connections between growers and consumers.

Supporting Local Economy: Buying from a local company helps to support local businesses and boost the local economy. 

Looking for something unique? We can special order exactly what you need!

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