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Dumping Available

We take all types of landscape related materials and waste.

pubic dumping locations in Mechanicsburg, PA

Easy dumping in Mechanicsburg, PA

Camp Hill Forest Products in Mechanicsburg, PA, offers an easy access dumping site for your landscape and project waste items. 

We take everything from fill dirt, tree stumps, brush, branches, rock, stone, concrete to old lumber, pallets, skids, and other materials.

Easy drive in access for all your dumping needs.

Camp Hill Forest Products stands out as the go-to destination for hassle-free and cost-effective disposal of landscaping waste, including tree branches, brush, and stone. Our easily accessible location ensures that you can quickly and efficiently offload your landscaping debris without any unnecessary delays. With affordability at the heart of our services, Camp Hill Forest Products provides an unparalleled dumping location that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner looking to clear your yard, our streamlined process guarantees a smooth and affordable solution for all your landscaping waste needs. We are here for you.

dump trees brush and yard waste

What makes us the best choice for your next project?

Discover unparalleled quality with affordable pricing at Camp Hill Forest Products, your ultimate destination for top-tier landscaping materials. Our expertly curated selection is derived from the best sustainably managed forests, ensuring every product — from rich, nourishing mulches to elegant hardscape options — stands the test of time. Renowned for our dedication to customer satisfaction, we provide personalized service, expert advice, and competitive prices, making us the favorite among homeowners and landscaping professionals. 

Choose Camp Hill Forest Products for an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution to elevate your outdoor space. We make it easy. We make it affordable. Once you experience our customer service and quality materials, you will know why most of the area landscaping companies choose us as their primary supplier. Stop by our store in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and let us know about your next DIY outdoor project or space improvement. 

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